Friday, January 8, 2010

Najdorf Sicilian

Get ready to play in a chess tournament this weekend.

Here's a little video to help you get your engine started. (-or to just learn a little more about the game.)

This is one of the most complicated openings in chess today. Up to move 5, both sides have made straight forward moves. White's next move will probably be a Bishop move or one related to a Bishop move (b3 or g3). But which one will he make? And where?

Black can make his own Bishop commitments (...g6 or Be7) or he can make a noncommital move. 5. ... a6 is that move. Black will respond next depending upon White's next. (The video covers 6. Be3.)

I like 5. ...a6 because it prepares for the eventual ...b5 pawn push. It is difficult for me to see how any Sicilian can be played without pushing the b pawn eventually.

In this opening, I notice that the stronger player usually wins - just more decisively than normal.

Chess events in your area . . . and visit jrobi who created these wonderful videos.