Monday, February 28, 2011

Today's Posts - 2/28/11

Last day to send in W-2's to SSA. Been busy jump-starting my blogs.

TV Show I've been watching: Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Season 4.

Book I've been reading: Paul Johnson's History of the American People.

In today’s blogs,

History Moments: Robert Louis Stevenson has something to say.

Masters of Finance: What do Trump and Kiyosaki mean of "Financial IQ"?

Literature Daily: a passage from the Illiad.

Political Journal: how does the behavior of and towards the protestors compare - Wisconsin vs. Tea Party, that is.

Chess Politics: Gary Walters' thread descends into drivel. (Sigh!)

Checking Out New Features

I'm thinking of moving this blog to Wordpress as the blogger features on this blog have developed too many bugs.  Also, the format has been too limited for my taste. I'll leave the rest of the blogs where they are. Source: Jack Le Moine's Blog Source: Jack Le Moine's Blog

Source: Jack Le Moine's Blog

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Back in Business

Going to get back to blogging again. It is easy to get distracted/discouraged. (Thanks for the encouragement, Vicky!*)

Here’s what’s been going on. I’ve got back together with Hank Harvey, CPA. If folks out there need accounting or tax services, give him a call. 770-439-557.

Also I’ve got back together with Kid Chess.

In today’s blogs,

History Moments: there’s my latest in the Churchill’s World, the book that I am writing. This is a short summary of a passage from it about his parents getting married.

Masters of Finance: Opportunities are everywhere from Napoleon Hill. I suppose, but sometimes they’re hard to see and exploit.

Literature Daily: a passage from 1001 Nights, where a bad genie out tells his story before intending to kill the man who let him out of his bottle.

Political Journal: an interesting piece in today’s Washington Post – how left wing is the academic establishment?

And finally, Chess: where I rant about the latest foolishness in the USCF elections.

* Personal message: I would like to call Paul. It’s been years. Will you please e-mail me his phone #? Thanks!