Tuesday, July 3, 2012

About Me

Want to find out about me?  Want to know more?  Want to contact me?

See my profile on LinkedIn.  It has the information that would be on a resume plus recommendations from those I have worked with.  My e-mail is to the right.  My phone number (disguised from data crawlers) is seven seven oh, two six two dash one six oh 1.

Irregular Publication

I’m downgrading the publication of this blog to an irregular basis due to lack of time. This notice formalizes what has been evident for some time. I intend to concentrate on my favorite blogs History Moments and Literature Daily. My other blogs are hereby discontinued – for the same reason.

Find my complete profile on my LinkedIn Page. Important note on my social media: LinkedIn is my primary place for personal contact. Facebook is mostly for games. My views of Twitter as a social site are negative; I rarely log in to it. My Google+ experience is in its infancy.