Monday, January 11, 2010

Daily Literature

What are all those quotations from books doing on this blog?

I've wanted to read the great books and, though I read a great deal, some of those books I never get to. They're too hard - in my mind that is. I still want to read them. What to do?

I decided to start a new blog Literature Daily. Each day, I put up a small piece from one of the great books. I'll just go day by day. Only a few paragraphs, no big deal.

A little bit each day will do.

You can follow along, too. You can subscribe to the blog and get a little bit each day. Eventually we will get the whole book - or a big chunk of it, anyway.

I re-post onto this, my main blog. You can subscribe right here. You don't need to subscribe to the whole thing. You can just subscribe to the label "Books". We can journey through the world's great literature together.