Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mafia Wars: 30 levels/hour

Shawn Bakken wrote me on Facebook,

30 levels over the course of an hour? I smell something fishy here...

Fortuitous, not fishy, Shawn. Here’s how it went down.

I’ve been hanging out in Moscow, doing the usual bad stuff and gradually worked my way up just past level 300. After completing all the Russian jobs once, I flew to Cuba. Now those jobs are designed for levels 30 to 100, so I was over-rated for them. More importantly, the experience payout is almost 2 for 1 energy point expended. These are the highest rates in the game so far. In addition to this, I kept getting bonuses for being a top Mafia Mastermind and a top Wheelman.

I’ve been putting Godfather points (earned not bought) solely into skill points. Together with judicious use of attacks on other players, that what kept me on the level ladder.

One last thing: while I was in Russia, I did not let my Cuban business interests slip. I could see the jobs ahead and rather than just banking my Cuban business income, paying the 10% penalty, I had used the money instead to buy the necessary guns, thugs, and vehicles to do the jobs. That means, that I didn’t have to stop to buy inventory. It was just click, click, click. Oh, and all my points went into energy.

And that’s how I advanced 30 Mafia Wars levels in just a little over an hour.

P.S. Regrettably, that probably won’t happen again. I’ve completed all the jobs in Cuba and am back in Russia, where the experience payouts are way smaller.

Reader note: Shawn was a contestant in Season 1 on the greatest reality show ever, Beauty and the Geek. He made it to the penultimate round. He's a great guy. Check out his blog!