Wednesday, January 6, 2010


This is the day commerating The Three Wisemen laying their gifts before Jesus. This day marks the end of the Christmas Season.

In our family, this is when we take down the Christmas decorations. In practice, we do the work on the next weekend after.

In culture, Christmas Carols refer to "the twelve days of Christmas". This is the twelfth day. In Latina culture, this is called Three Kings Day.

Ephiphany means to reveal. Theologically, this day is significant because the 3 Kings traveling and then paying homage to the baby Jesus revealed him as above all. Today Christian churches use the message to encourage people to "show" Jesus to the world by witnessing and by good deeds.

More information: The Voice.


Jeff Finley said...

Thanks for remembering Epiphany. We don't know if there were only three wise men ( ) but it's still a day to celebrate.