Friday, January 22, 2010

Danish Gambit

Get ready to play in a chess tournament this weekend.

Here's a little video to help you get your engine started. (-or to just learn a little more about the game.)

This is another exciting attacking idea for White. He opens with his King Pawn and if Black responds with his King Pawn, then White hits out with 2. d4 and then 3. c4. Black is hard pressed, as in all gambits, but if he hangs on to the endgame, then he gets the upper hand.

The queen trade in the Schlecter Defense surprised me when I first saw it. It is an instructive tactic even when I've seen it many times since.

Jrobi hangs Black's knight with ...Ng4. This blunder shows why ...d5 is the main line. Where else can Black move his knight from f6? ...Ne4 is better - way better but precision is still needed.

Chess events in your area . . . and visit jrobi who created these wonderful videos.