Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Afghanistan Crisis

Time: March 30, 1885
Place: Penjderh, Afghanistan

Russian forces crush Afghanistan army. Continue southward expansion. Great Britain fears Russian push into India.

April 26: British war preparations include occupation of port in Korea, threatening Russian Pacific port at Vladivostok. Pressure Turkey to allow Mediterranean Fleet permission to pass to Black Sea.

September 10: Compromise achieved.

Russian southward expansion in central Asia towards India and in west Asia towards Turkey was a major issue in the 19th. century. British fears for India's safety and of Russian world dominance was another. Under Conservative Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, aggressive imperial policies were followed. Liberal William Gladstone advocated a "little England" approach to world affairs but world affairs did not allow him to adhere to this. During this time (he was the Prime Minister but to June) the Liberal Administration fell and the Conservatives under Lord Salisbury took over. Practical considerations hindered Conservative aspirations, too. Thus the Liberal PM authorized warlike measures, then a Conservative PM authorized a compromise.

Picture: Afghan soldiers of the era.
More information: Wikipedia.