Friday, August 10, 2007

Human Civilization Begins

New evidence of the start of human civilization has been unearthed in Iran. Up to now, it had been thought that civilization had begun in the river region of Iraq. It now appears that at that time, a large network of cities existed throughout the area from Persia (modern Iran) on the east to the Arabian Peninsula on the west. More info here.

Diver investigating the drowned city. Credit: Hampshire and Wight Trust for Maritime Archeology (HWTMA)

In a related story, a stone-age city has been discovered under the English Channel. The lost city is just off the Isle of Wight. More info here.

Both stories relate to the period 4,000 b.c.

This reminds me of the discovery this year of a huge crater in the Indian Ocean. Analysis showed that the meteor or comet (whatever it was) impacted about 2,500 b.c. or about the time of the celebrated "Great Flood". The impact would have caused a tsunami that would have swept over the whole region, including up Mesopotamia. This flood would also account for the silt that archeologists observed for that time period. This tsunami would have been a major disaster during any period.

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