Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Chess Carnival

This is a organization page for the first ever chess carnival in the history of the world!
Note that this is not the chess carnival itself. The actual carnivals will be posted on the first of every month. Details below.

Opening Move:

Each month a different chess site hosts a carnival. The host selects the best of recently-published blog posts. The different hosts bring diversity of selection and presentation. Then they publish listings of these posts with extracts, comments, and summaries, as appropriate. Sources include blogs and other websites with frequently posted new content about chess.

Our Goal:

to provide a showcase of the best posts being produced by the chess world. These range is from the biggest sites to the smallest; from the most famous to the most obscure. Writers range from the champion grandmasters to children just beginning to learn the moves.


Position Analysis, Opening Theory, Endgame Play, Strategic Concepts, Annotated Games, Chess Culture and Politics, Humor, and more. We look for the widest range of content to be submitted with the widest range of the blogs of the chess world.

How to Submit:

Bloggers can submit posts from their blogs for inclusion in the next Carnival here.

Submission Criteria:

1) Original material. Entries should go beyond posts that consist only of web links or of quotes from other sources with little or no discussion.

2) We do welcome controversial views, but please don't submit posts that are simply polemics on current issues. Writing about chess politics will be considered, but should involve significant factual content and analysis.

3) Articles may touch on non-chess subjects, but these subjects must directly relate to some matter that is specific to the game of chess.

All submissions are vetted by the host whose decisions are final.

Hosting a Carnival

The Chess Carnival is on the look out for hosts! If you're an established blogger or webmaster who knows your way around the chess blogs, maybe you could host a Carnival. Hosting does require a little work, primarily sifting through nominations and a few hours' solid work compiling the carnival. (Imaginative themes are always welcomed but not compulsory.)

Please note that the Carnival co-ordinator (email address below) has absolute discretion in approving, assigning and scheduling Carnival hosts.

Contacting the Co-ordinator

You can email the Carnival co-ordinator, Jack Le Moine, at
jack [underscore] pc [at] bellsouth [dot] net.
(Sorry about the annoying disguise of the e-mail address but in these days of webbots and spam and taking over other's e-mails, sadly this kind of stuff has become too necessary.)
or fax to 770-319-0054.


Harry Payne said...

Jack, Looks good to me. May take me some time to figure out(old school:) ) Great Idea.


Blue Devil Knight said...

I'm starting to see why DK thinks you aren't a very responsive organizer of the carnival Jack.