Monday, August 27, 2007

End What Iraq War?

Map of Iraq, courtesy of CIA World Factbook
So you want to end the Iraq War, do you? Well, which one? An interesting essay by Christopher Hitchens appeared today.
Suppose the USA just pulled out tomorrow. What would happen then? Would the fighting in Iraq just stop? Or would it get worse?
One of the fundamentals of the story that struck me was the priority the opponents in Iraq placed on bombing schools and killing teachers, especially schools and teachers that educated women. But then killing civilians has been a big priority from the first.
What would happen if all forces restraining them would withdraw and they were given free reign to massacre all the people they wanted? Would they exercize self restraint?
This is a very big question for those who say they want to end the war? Just the war the USA is fighting or do they also want to end the larger war against the peoples of Iraq?
And if they wish to end war, then what should be done?