Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Executive Board Meeting

Did we even have an election?? What was all the fuss all about? New directions? Big changes?

Well, we do have one. The USCF now has a Chairman who, alone among all the officers, will not post on the USCF Forum until the USCF makes needed changes. What changes are needed so that she can reactivate her account? Unknown as she did not make any motions at the meeting.

Goichberg and the old guard spoke as expected. Polgar and Truong were curiously disengaged. It was especially frustrating for me. Especially during the discussion on forum policing. We had to listen to folks brag on how they had posted 8 times on the forum and thus considered themselves veterans and others who bragged on how rich and famous they were. Still, those of us who knew these forums’ issues and problems had to just sit quietly before our computers and watch.

Apart from the Forum talk, other interesting things came out. There was talk of participating remotely in national events via the internet. Some innocuous motions were passed regarding college and school chess.

Still, that whole part of the meeting left me wondering how the voting would have been different if the old Board had voted on them. My expectations had been raised high. Many of us would have supported virtually any motions that Polgar or Truong cared to make. They just needed to make some.

Again, thanks to Terry Vibbert for making it possible to view the meeting.


Harry Payne said...

If you have to create new offices, just to keep the peace on the EB. I am not sure that speaks well for what might be accomplished. It brings to mind a quote " A man should not think more highly of himself than he is"
Just My opinion.