Saturday, August 18, 2007

Blog Housekeeping

My responses to comments and questions from the past week. Also, general housekeeping items. Sorry, that I got busy. I truly appreciate all the comments, suggestions, and private e-mails that I've received.

1) Busted Links. I tracked down the problems and fixed them. I've checked all the links for the past month or so. Thanks Blue Devil Knight for pointing this out to me!

2) E-mail addresses on the public Chess Blog Database. There were NO private e-mail addresses on the DB. All e-mail addresses were obtained from the blogs themselves. Those who are concerned about their e-mail addresses being publicly revealed should check their blogs. Blogspot people should check their public profiles, as I got a bunch of the e-mail addresses there.

In any case, I went ahead and deleted ALL the e-mail addresses on the DB. That should fix that. Note that this is a public DB. Anybody can fix it. That's why I had set it up that way. Those who want to add/change their information can go ahead and do it themselves. Please check the information. If it is incorrect, change it. I would appreciate a notification, though so that I can make sure it gets to the permanant DB on my hard drive. Otherwise, e-mail me and I shall change it myself.

3) Unable to hear the audio spot. It ought to work from within the blog. I tried it out on 2 different outside computers (computers at business clients of mine) and it worked fine. If you can't hear it from within the blog, try this link:
This takes you straight to the host website.

4) I removed Haloscan from the permanent links column. It wasn't working and I got tired of fighting with them over it.

5) Killer Chess Tips. Thanks to whoever posted that comment. (Annonymous poster.) Here's where to find it.

6) Links to other sites. People have asked me to link back to their website/blog. Happy to do so. My problem right now is that I've got to prioritize my time. Will get to it real soon now (but keep bugging me)!

Also, my permanent links column has gotten way too busy. I think that what I shall do is to add a links page to the permanent file and add a notice to the right column.

7) Steve Owens wrote about SF books. See his comment here. Steve, I didn't read much of Jack Williamson's books but since you suggested them, I shall. Sorry for not getting back to you before now.

8) Chess Blog Carnival questions. I was asked a number of questions regarding this. Most of the answers were contained in the main documents. Go here and/or here. As for what kind of posts: best ones vs. recent ones - send both! Better yet, how about trying to make your most recent post your best?

9) Carnival Categories. While they are on the Carnival Homepage under Content, I shall post a revised list of them tomorrow. Thanks for your suggestions. Please go over the revised list and comment back. I shall then update the homepage.

10) New category for Carnival on my blog. I don't want to have too many categories as this makes a blog too unwieldy. I had thought long and hard about adding a category for my Churchill Book. However, the Carnival now needs a catagory of it's own.


Thanks for all your comments and suggestions!