Thursday, July 17, 2008

Susan's Chess Viewer Almost Ready for Blogs

Gregory Alexander and Nikolai Pilafov have been working on a viewer that will allow people to display chess games together with annotations and variations. It is like ChessBase or Chess Assistant, only it works in Java on the net.

While it is now fully functional on Susan Polgar's Chess Discussion Forums, it is not ready yet for some blogs such as mine or even Susan's own. The problem is the width limits in blogspot's display templates. I suggested that the score sheet be displayed under the chess board instead of to the side.

Until Susan's team can perfect the tool, one workaround for blogspot folks like us is to set up a separate blog without layouts. Blogspot users can use the Simple II template. Then link to that blog like this.

This is a game between Judit Polgar (Susan's sister) and Vishy Arnand (the World Champ) in 1999. As you can see, this is an awsome tool for chess bloggers.

Better yet, chess bloggers can just link direct to Chess Discussion.