Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Don’t Overlook This! 7/15/08

These are stories in the news that have much more significance than they’ve received. These stories should have been the leading news items of their day. Their significance extends beyond just a particular area and beyond just a particular news cycle.

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Foreign Courts Take Aim at Our Free Speech
Senators Retaliate

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Libel suits in America are limited by the First Amendment of the US Constitution so people have taken to suing writers in foreign courts. These courts have been used a variety of odius techniques to enforce their judgements on US authors. One is to block all sales of the author's publisher in their country.

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Here is the story in The Wall Street Journal.

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Why this is significant:

Anti-U.S. feeling is being expressed in a variety of ways. This corresponds to a decline in Western values in Europe and elsewhere. To put it succinctly, freedom of speech is not as important to some anymore as it used to be. It all depends on who the aggressor is.

At least someone in a position of responsibility in the U.S. government recognizes that these lawsuits are a threat to the American way of life.