Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Don’t Overlook This! 7/8/08

These are stories in the news that have much more significance than they’ve received. These stories should have been the leading news items of their day. Their significance extends beyond just a particular area and beyond just a particular news cycle.

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Ireland Rejects Treaty but European Union Will Grows in Power Anyway

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The European Union has already assumed many of the functions of a nation state. It has a capital, Brussels, it has a President, and it has a Parliament. It has a currency, the Euro. Like the Euro, its laws are supplanting the laws of most of the nations of Europe.

It still lacks a Constitution. The Original Constitution was turned down by voters in France, Holland and other countries. The statesmen of Europe decided to get around the voters by getting the same thing done by Treaty instead of a formal Constitution.

The trouble this scenario is that Ireland has a requirement it it's own Constitution that any treaty that would change it's government would require a vote by the people. So the Treaty was put to a vote and then defeated.

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Here is the story in The American Spectator.

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Why this is significant:

First, Europe is rapidly coalescing into one big super-state to rival the United States.

Second, it is based upon elitism and bureaucracy and not democracy. This is a milestone in the path.