Monday, July 14, 2008

Saw Old Friend Today

So I got done early from an accounting job. I went to the local Barnes and Noble to kill some time. So, there I was sitting in a chair on the 2nd. floor reading a book when who happens by but Karen Rice. She works there. Friends and acquaintances will remember her from the Literary Roundtable.

This was a club of writers. We met to read our works to one another and to critique them for each other. I was President of the club for one year. Unfortunately for me, business got the better of me and I had to drop out.

Writing had been a goal of mine for practically all of my life. I was working on a book about Churchill while I was in the club. Karen was a promising writer herself as well as being the editor of our club's newsletter.

So, I ask her, "Lowly salesperson, will you please fetch me a copy of the works of Karen Rice?" She grins and says that that book's out of print. I say to her, that this is too bad as she was a great writer. We talked some and then I suggested she read my blog.

I didn't tell her about how I got sidetracked by chess. I guess she'll figure it out. Get back to that writing, Karen!

Oh, and about that book I was reading? It was about Churchill.