Saturday, March 10, 2007

USCF Finance

Lots of controversy about accounting issues at the USCF. Here's my take:

Accounting in the end is just score keeping. Yes, the fans to a ballgame want the scores kept properly. But they want the team coached properly and quarterbacked properly, too.

So, that's why I have been focusing my attention to other areas. We need to promote the USCF better in order to enhance our revenue side. One obvious place to do that is the internet. First, because it is to ubiquitous. Second, because it is so cheap.

We are already paying a lot of money for a fulltime web content provider. The stuff we already paid for is where we ought to look first for improvement. Places to spend more money should come second.

We have a lot of committees/councils that are doing something. People have posted differing accounts as to whether these committees are doing anything worthwhile or not. Gregory Alexander, for example, posted something that the committee he was on was discussing valuable things. Hope so, since none of it gets reported in any meaningful way.

This is what a web site is for. Others have protested that such reporting ought not be on the public site at all. The general attitude here seems to be to circle the wagons around the webmaster and forgo any progress in content on the USCF web site and to attack the accountants.

I may be a minority of one. Priorities need to be placed elsewhere than all this attention to accounting issues.

1) Committees should be doing meaningful work and that's were calls for transparancy should be directed.

2) The web site should be improved, especially in the content provided, because that is the most immediate and cost-effective place where the USCF can promote itself.