Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Pyramids: How Did They Do That?

From Jack Le Moine's Blog

French architects just figured out how the Egyptians constructed the Great Pyramid. Historians have wondered how the ancients built such a wonder using only ancient technology. More time separates the Egyptian builders from Christ than separates Christ from us. 2,000 years back takes back to the year 1. We need to travel another 2,500 years further back in order to arrive at the time period when the Pyramid was built.

To the ancient Greeks, (see the movie 300) the Pyramids were 2,000 old. Herodotus traveled to Egypt and pondered the oldness of the Pyramids as we do today. To the builders of the Pyramids, the shipping of the Greeks would have seemed like spaceships, a science-fiction fantasy. If they could have looked forwards into history as we are able to look backwards, Alexander, Caesar and Socrates would have blurred with Washington, Eisenhower and Einstein, just as we look back and lump all the ancients together, no matter how much time separated them. That’s the perspective of time.

See the article in the National Geographic for further information.