Sunday, March 25, 2007

My Chess Tournament

Spent the day at a chess tournament. Played 4 games total. Won 2, lost 1, Drew 1. Lost 3 rating points. Right now my rating is exactly at 1700. Would have won my last game. Had a Knight up right out of the opening. Nursed that advantage throughout the game. Came down to an endgame with King + pawns versus me with King, pawns + Knight. Easily won, but I was under time pressure. Wandered into a stalemate. Ruined my whole day.

Here is the game I lost. It was against a master level player. I still don't know what exactly happened.

In the game, I'm playing the black pieces.


Bruce said...

Pretty simple Jack, Maroczy bind, you got too greedy on the queen side and gave him too much play, and then material.

Jack Le Moine said...

My problem, is still I don't know what I should have done better. Not taking that pawn. But what instead?

Harry Payne said...

Jack, 14....bxc4 allows the White Bishop excellant position,
15....Bxb2 gives up the open B file and costs material. That is the two biggest errors I can see. But a person at Master strength does not need much more. Now this is from a patzer. LOL.