Monday, April 16, 2007

The Left's Rush to Judgement

The "News Observer" of Raleigh/Durham North Carolina has told the detailed story of the Duke Lacrosse Case. This story is important because it shows how much politics can play a part in criminal cases.

Summary: Some privileged white kids at Duke University had a party where they invited a stripper. The stripper later claimed she had been raped. Since she was black, the story took off as a race thing. The athletes were immediately judged to be guilty by the liberal establishment, including the University faculty, “Civil Rights” leaders, (I use quote marks because in cases like this, they act more as Black Power leaders), and the rest of the left wing including the media. The District Attorney, Mike Nifong was in a tough election in the Democratic Primary. He used the case to win the election. Problem was, the athletes were innocent.

Conclusion: The story tells a lot about the reasons why people leap to conclusions. Partisanship and ideology aren’t the least of them.

And in Other News: Don Imus apologized to Al Sharpton for a racial slur. Sharpton, like Nifong, became famous for a fake racial rape story. After the Tawana Brawley affair was exposed as a fraud, Sharpton was sued but escaped the conseqences when a benefactor paid his judgement for him. Now he's a radio DJ who's prominent in the Civil Rights Movement.

Prediction: Mike Nifong gets disbarred and ends up as a radio DJ, too. While he probably does not do as well as Sharpton, he does equal radio DJ G. Gordon Liddy. (Liddy is the Conservative Republican, who masterminded the Watergate Scandal that ended Richard Nixon's presidency.)