Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter

It is that time of year again for celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is also that time of year for the usual nuttiness.

Susan Polgar summed up the spirit of the day in these politically correct times on her blog today. “For those of you who celebrate it, Happy Easter! For those of you who do not, Happy Sunday! And for those of you who do not like Sundays, Happy Blogging! :)”

It’s also the time where people question the basic principles of Christianity. Over at the Washington Post, yesterday’s question was something like , “Would you still be a Christian if Jesus Christ’s body were proven to have been found?”

The obvious answer is, “Of course not.” A simple “no” gets full credit, too. The Bible’s position is so clear that Jesus rose from the dead, that to disbelieve it is to question the whole Bible. If this were not true, then what can we believe?

There is another weird view going around that people can believe that Jesus was a great teacher but he was not God. Really? What made him such a great teacher?

He taught that men should love one another? Big deal! Lots of contemporary teachers taught that. Teachers had been teaching that for centuries before he appeared on the scene. So, what made Him so special, anyway?

It was this: He said people should do the things He told them to do because He was God. That was it. As scholar after scholar has pointed out (attempting to debunk Christianity), there was very little in Jesus Christ’s teachings that was new. Scholars can trace most moral precepts to other religeions before his time.

Which brings us to the dilemma that Christian debunkers face: if He was not God, then what was it that made him a great teacher?

More pointedly, if He was such a great expert on the subject of religion, then how could He screwed up claiming to be God? If one believes that claim to be mistaken, then isn’t that a rather large mistake?

It’s like if I claimed to be a Grandmaster of Chess but when I sat down to play a game, I had to ask which way the little horsie moves. Some Grandmaster! Some teacher!

Much of the skepticism of Easter is very fashionable; it is not very rational.

Happy Easter! It really did happen.