Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jack on the Net 3/9/10

Yesterday, I read a book on Twitter. It was really an eye-opener for me. I did a little bit to my twitter site and my twitter practice. I went up from 6 to 65 followers. Here's my Twitter site, and check out the book, too.

Imagine Sam Sloan being respectable. Hard? Well, if Richard Nixon was able to make some kind of comeback after Watergate, why not him? Chess players will know who I'm talking about and why.

Here's another installment of Herodotus on my History Blog. H was a tourist as well as an historian in the 5th. century BC, so his description of the ancient Egypt he saw takes us back in time 2,400 years.

Now, with securities prices low is the best time to invest. In my Finance Blog, I ruminate on wisdom I found from Rich Dad and others.

Health Care dominates the news on my Politics Blog but the most far-reaching news is Obama's cutting back on the Space Program. What are the Left's goals in Space?

If you have access to the USCF's Issues Forum, lots of craziness to chuckle at. In fact, I think I'll reproduce it - just for fun.