Monday, March 1, 2010

Facebook Adventures

I've now got 3 friends from the cast of the first season of Beauty and the Geek: Shawn, Chuck, and Caity. This was my fav season of my fav reality show. Sad to think that it was 5 years ago. Caity and Chuck were the team that won the thing. Shawn maintains a cool blog.

I'm still playing Mafia Wars. It is just a mindless game of clicking but it still has a certain charm. I'm at level 434. At the higher levels it is all about running missions. Fighting hardly matters. Even though the name of the game is "Mafia Wars", there is no reward for killing other players.

I discovered 2 similar games: Gangster City, and War Metal. Gangster City is played on a map of a city and has enough of a storyline to keep me interested. War Metal takes the same formula and extends it to the fighting. Here, when you fight another player, things happen. You take money and you get battle experience (BE). BE is another experience/leveling up system that operates independently of the regular system. You have one normal level and a different battle level. Battle levels get you access to other goodies that you don't get with ordinary levels.

What about Realm of Empires, you ask? It is such a great game and also demands so much time, I've had to cut way back. I became the most powerful player in my group and amassed over 50 towns. When tax season is over, I'll get back on it.