Monday, February 1, 2010

2010 Chess Blog Carnival

Welcome to the February 1, 2010 edition of chess carnival.

Annotated Games

George Duval presents New York 1924: Savielly Tartakower and the Bronx Zoo posted at Blunder Prone ... the troubled Knight, saying, "This is the fourth in a series of annotated games from the New York 1924 international chess tournament featuring selected games from Tartakower."

John Hillery presents Steinitz - von Bardeleben, Hastings 1895 posted at Western Chess.

Ted Cross presents A Very Good Start posted at Knight_Tour Chess.

George Duval presents New York 1924: Jose Raul Capablanca, the Natural posted at Blunder Prone ... the troubled Knight."

John Hillery presents Western Chess: Burn - Blackburne, New York 1889 posted at Western Chess.

Chess Culture and Politics

Rolling Pawns presents Back in the USSR - chess in seventies and eighties posted at >Rolling Pawns.

John O'Brien presents Chess and Other Boring Things on TV> posted at Endgame's Blog.

Mark Weeks presents Useless Stats/Qs about Ratings posted at Chess for All Ages.

Jack Le Moine presents Who Killed ChessUSA.Net? posted at Jack Le Moine's Blog, saying, "This is a follow-up to the ending comments in our last year’s carnival."

Wick Deer presents Lawsuits . . . the saga continues posted at USCF Politics Blog, saying, "Summary of all the lawsuits"

Jack Le Moine presents Silencing the Critics -- Closes posted at, saying, "You may want to include this, too."

John Hillery presents Blunders posted at Western Chess.

John Hillery presents Western Chess: USCF Delegates Meeting posted at Western Chess.

Chess Events

James Stripes presents Wijk aan Zee: Round Nine posted at Chess Skills, saying, "This is my longest blog post thus far; it shows how long winded a chess enthusiast might become when plugged into chess software and web sites. The writing isn't too bad, either."

James R. West presents Jim West On Chess: Guido van der Werve at Marshall CC posted at Jim West On Chess.

Surbhi Bhatia presents An Interview with Chess Prodigy Hou Yifan posted at The Viewspaper » The Viewspaper.


David Evans presents Good luck, bonne chance, buena suerte! posted at Final Moves.

Opening Theory

Rolling Pawns presents Are you afraid of the Marshall attack? posted at Rolling Pawns.

Position Analysis

Here's href="">About this blog posted at Tactical Magic,

That concludes this edition.


Anonymous said...

Not a very robust list for a supposed "carnival." Maybe you should search up some good stuff yourself rather than simply relying on people to contribute.