Saturday, January 24, 2009

Have Gun - Will Travel, the TV Show

This was one of the great Western TV shows of the 1950's. Like Maverick below, Paladin wandered the west. Unlike the Maverick show, this one was straight adventure. Paladin was a hired gunman - but with a conscience. He was a loner.

Each show started with the closeup of him taking the gun from the holster and pointing it straight at the camera. Then came a bit of dialogue from the show. It certainly was a great attention-grabber! This clip is a series of pictures that is a tribute to the show.

This was the only show I ever saw which made the act of giving a business card into a dramatic threat. Now you can see the show for free - or as long as CBS keeps it on its site. It the link ceases to work, then CBS has taken it down. I always loved the theme song. But, like most TV shows, you never get to hear the complete song when it airs. This clip gives the complete song!