Saturday, January 17, 2009

Coulter and Limbaugh

The two conservatives people (non-conservatives) just love to hate:

Together on 1 Program.

The video is part 1 of four. The rest are Parts Two , Three, and Four .

Here's a written transcript. The book they discuss is "Guilty". In it she argues that some groups that are described as victims are not and some folks that really are victims are not recognized as such.

Anybody who is as hated as Ann Coulter is must be doing something right. She is very right-wing but every left-wing blogger would love to write like her. I hate rants; opinion pieces must argue from the facts. Pay attention to how she uses facts and draws politically incorrect connections among them. People would do well to think and not just be outraged.

Here's her Wiki bio. Her latest book is at the right.