Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Professional Seminars

My last three days have been spent in seminars. Thursday and Friday, I spent on tax seminars; today I spent on personal finance workshops.

Taxes: I've been using the Gear-Up self-study courses for years. The Land Grant University seminar produced by ROKA is the first live course I've been at in a long time. It is a good refresher course. Land Grant's workbook is first-rate! I'm not sure 2 days is sufficient to cover all of the material. ROKA's speakers are especially strong on the retirement area, which was good for me. I've always felt that I needed to learn a lot more to master this area of taxes. And despite all the courses I've taken over the years in this area, I always leave them feeling humbled - even those courses that specialize in this subject.

The gang in the picture above was in the personal finances workshop I took today. The picture was taken last summer. I love these guys! The accountants ought to be as energetic and supportive as this bunch is.

The three big areas of personal financial services are getting control over one's: debts, risks, and investments. Today was more future-oriented while taxes and accounting are more past-oriented.