Friday, December 5, 2008

Krauthammer 12/5/08

Milestone in Bagdad

Map is from the CIA World Factbook.

My take on Charles Krauthammer's latest. His column was published in the Washington Post.

Summary: This week the Iraqi Parliament approved a military and strategic cooperation agreement with the United States.


For the United States, this represents the single most important geopolitical advance in the region since Henry Kissinger turned Egypt from a Soviet client into an American ally.

My Views: This is the biggest, most important Middle East development since Henry Kissinger turned Egypt into a U.S. ally. Things could still go wrong in Iraq. Obama could pull out too soon. But Iraq now seems to become another Turkey: a beacon of democracy and moderation for the Muslim world.

The significant thing is not just the agreement itself, but how it was reached: the democratic means used by the Parliament.

For the left in the U.S., there is now a huge challenge. They've reacted emotionally and reflexively to Bush's Iraqi policy. Just stating an anti-Bush view has been enough to avoid the stigma to ignorance or stupidity. Now they will need more: their views must contain thinking.

Charles Krauthammer is a more establishment columnist. I am drawn by the substance and the thinking than any particular writing flair.
He appears on TV where you never see his wheelchair.
Here's" his Wiki bio.