Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kennedy and Palin

So Caroline Kennedy is gunning for US Senate? Why is nobody asking her about her qualifications? Never been elected to anything; never had to be responsible for any policy issue - ever. Should be a shoe-in for the Sarah Palin treatment, right?

Q. And what are your views on the Obama Doctrine, Ms. Kennedy? You don't know of any Obama Doctrine? Ah, ha! Gotcha!

But of course there are differences.

  1. Ms. K is a Democrat.
  2. She's connected with the establishment elite. Heck! She's in the inner circle of the EE!
  3. Daddy was JFK.

As for Ms. Palin?
  1. She's a Republican.
  2. She's just a peasant woman from Alaska. The boonies.
  3. She's one of those Christians. Those kind. Reads the Bible; believes it; devout. That kind.

So of course Caroline is going to get treated much differently that Sarah was. - The Royal Treatment.