Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Turning Point

Racism! Terrorism! Evil does not get much worse than this. But over at the USCF, this kind to name-calling has become just another item in the chess-politician’s bag of tricks. But for those with a larger view, a turning point has been reached. People can now see USCF politics for themselves: Racism! Terrorism! Evil does not get much worse than this.

Before now, USCF politics vs. Paul Truong, has been a confusing story of internet hacking, legalisms, conflicting experts, and lawsuits. This month, two events threw spotlights on the stage. They enabled a confused audience to see the context, the larger action of the story.

First, the big meeting in Texas. The USCF’s lawyer saved Paul Truong from removal. With all the behind the scenes machinations, Susan and Paul could not have won by themselves. The EB Majority’s strategy was to remove Paul on narrow grounds; their lawyer stepped all over this strategy and gave a broad-grounds argumentation. He further confused an already confused Board of Delegates. When all the dust settled, even Bill Goichberg decried the lawyer’s performance.

So, how reliable is this expert’s judgment? Shouldn’t a seasoned litigator have been able to size up a situation better than this guy did? How reliable are the other experts this guy hired on behalf of the USCF?

No definite conclusion is warranted because of this but, because of this, blind faith is no longer warranted, either. A turning point.

Second, the racism and terrorism talk. This popped up on a USCF Forum thread called, “Chess Discussion Forum Is Heavily Censored”. Interesting title, that. When I disagreed with the premise of this thread, that’s when the racism and terrorism stuff came up. This is how they argue over there.

I made the mistake of answering back. Guess what? The Moderator got on ME! Their rules prohibit labeling statements as “lies”. Oh, well.

What is striking, is how these kinds of smears are just taken as a matter of course. Everyone wants to mount the bandwagon and run the victim over. This, too, is revealing about the basic nature of USCF politics.

On the surface, this is a tempest in a teapot. I’ve got hurt feelings but I’ll get over them. What is significant is the brutal nature of the attacks. Terrorism! Racism! Evil does not get much worse than this. If this kind of piling on can happen to a nobody like me, then what lies behind the campaign against Paul and Susan?

Conclusion. In World War II, Stalingrad and El Alamein were turning points. One destroyed a major German army in Russia; the other shattered Rommel’s Panzerarmee Africa. As the Allies advanced, there was still a long war ahead of them. D-Day and Berlin lurked years in the future. The events of 1942 were turning points, not ending points.

Thus here. In the campaign to destroy Paul and Susan, the events of August 2008 are turning points. Accusations of internet hacking may be confusing; terrorism and racism are not.


Ron Suarez said...

Well Jack, you do have the facts mixed up and quite a bit wrong.

You were the one that brought up the racism stuff. You complained that you were wrongly sanctioned quite awhile back on the USCF Forum. You did this complaining on a thread that was dedicated to the Censorship style of ChessDisscussion.com.

You also never ever answered my real questions of my censorship on that discussion forum where you are a moderator.

You do need to keep separate the USCF Forums and the ChessDisscussion Forum.

The reason for my censorship, from what I can gather, is that I actually disagreed with Paul and Susan. Yes, I disagreed with them in a very civil and correct manner, but that obviously does not matter to the likes of Paul and/or Susan. You told me you would look into the details regarding my case and get back to me on this. Jack, you never have done this. That is a fact.

As to your receiving sanctions a quite awhile ago on the USCF Forum, I witnessed your postings that the actions as they unfolded. The sanctioning was correct in my viewpoint.

Regardless, you never appealed to the committee there as you could have and should have. Now you complain in such a whining manner.

Yes Jack, these are the true facts, not your slanted view on them.

Ron Suarez said...

Well Jack, once again you are inaccurate at best.

My second paragraph does point out that you posted your complaint and problem regarding the USCF Forum in a Thread about the ChessDiscussion Forum and the censorship there. That is true.

You also were the one that brought all this "racism" stuff up in that thread. The topic had long been over until you brought it up. Once again what I wrote was and still is true.

Now, you have never ever addressed why my account was so severely limited after my posts that disagreed with Susan. You clump me in with a group of people that are negative and out to get Susan, Paul and you. I am not in that group, no matter how much you complain.

I am a health care professional and really do not care to bring anyone down. It was just 2 years ago that I was offering Paul and Susan my support in their election. In the USCF Forum, I started threads dedicated to each candidate and offered very easy (puff) questions for them.

It was Paul and Susan that turned the whole situation sour.

I have now been branded, like Randy Bauer a formerly highly recommended person by both Susan and Paul, as one that is against them. I am not against anyone.

Jack, I have been actively censored at the Chess Discussion Forum for doing nothing more than posting 3 posts that disagreed with Susan on a point.

You have still to correctly answer me as to why...

Ron Suarez said...


I am not lying. I am also pointing out that you have 'conviently' ignored the main premise of my postings, the censorship of me by either Susan or Paul.

Understand that I truly have been respectful in my postings all along. I did say that Susan and Paul objectively did not accomplish anything of merit in their first year of being on the Board. I also backed up what I wrote by pointing out they had put no motions of significance in their first year.

For that I had my posts pulled and my account extremely curtailed.

Well I guess you need to keep your position on that forum and don't want to actually ask the real questions like mine dlthatight put you out

By the way I see that Honeysucklemama, the lead moderator, has been conspicuously absent for about 6 months now. Perrhaps she asked a few of those real questions...