Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Turning Point 2

Is Susan Polgar’s Chess Discussion Forum heavily censored? There’s a lot of stuff being said about how it is. Yaada, yaada, yaada.

The truth is that we try to keep things as open as possible. Anything goes – almost. Susan just wants people to be civil.

There’s one thing that’s just common sense. For Paul and Susan, USCF politics have advanced W-A-A-Y beyond just getting a debate fix. Lawsuits have been filed; DA’s have been called; employer’s and sponsors contacted with damaging attacks. In this kind of climate, Paul and Susan don’t want to be baited.

The basic problem is that Susan and Paul has become a magnet for the worst kinds of attacks. As I showed above, this has become the common view of those people. And reasoned discussion just does not work with them. They just keep attacking and attacking.

Turning point: Just look at how those people handle wild accusations of terrorism and racism!

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