Thursday, August 21, 2008

Turning Point 3

Another problem that we face is that you just cannot argue with irrational people. We got a preview last year with the anti-PT people bringing up Paul’s tournament record in Vietnam 30 years ago. He didn’t; they did. Paul kept saying that this had nothing to do with his election campaign; yet, they just kept baiting him about it, anyway.

That was just a preview of things to come. I said in my opening post on this topic that I made the mistake of trying to answer this stuff about terrorism, etc. There were no rational responses; they just followed up with more mud slinging.

The lesson here, is that when it comes to USCF politics, you just don’t feed the predators.

Turning point: Unlike so many of the attacks on Susan and Paul, you just got to know that there’s something wrong with attacks connecting people with terrorism and racism.

See the original post to this series below.