Saturday, August 23, 2008

Turning Point 5

About my comment about irrational people in a previous post: this was not a crack.

The whole racism and terrorism sliming came in a USCF Forum thread titled, “Chess Discussion Forum Is Heavily Censored.” - Meaning Susan’s forum, of course.

To show just how irrational the attackers are, they brought this up to DEFEND the USCF Moderator’s decision to censor the discussion of the USCF foreign policy they referred to.

So, they OPPOSE and they FAVOR censorship in the forums! Both at the same time! Kind of. Sort of. Maybe.

Go figure. Better yet, don’t waste your time trying.

Turning point: Don’t look for principles in these attacks on Paul and Susan. There aren’t any. They favor/oppose issues depending on whose ox gets gored.

See the original post below.