Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kim - First Chapter - 21

by Rudyard Kipling

The first minutes of the movie; the first pages of the book.

'First to Kashi [Benares]: where else? There I shall meet one of the
pure faith in a Jain temple of that city. He also is a Seeker in
secret, and from him haply I may learn. Maybe he will go with me to
Buddh Gaya. Thence north and west to Kapilavastu, and there will I
seek for the River. Nay, I will seek everywhere as I go--for the place
is not known where the arrow fell.'

'And how wilt thou go? It is a far cry to Delhi, and farther to

'By road and the trains. From Pathankot, having left the Hills, I came
hither in a te-rain. It goes swiftly. At first I was amazed to see
those tall poles by the side of the road snatching up and snatching up
their threads,'--he illustrated the stoop and whirl of a telegraph-pole
flashing past the train. 'But later, I was cramped and desired to
walk, as I am used.'

'And thou art sure of thy road?' said the Curator.

Continued next week. Tomorrow's installment from The Innocents Abroad by Mark Twain.

More About This Book

Kipling's novel of India and the British empire, published in 1900.

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