Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Evans Gambit

Get ready to play in a chess tournament this weekend.

Here's a little video to help you get your engine started. (-or to just learn a little more about the game.)

" - a gift of the gods to a languishing chess world."

An historical quibble. The video says it was first used in a tournament in 1824. There was no tournament in 1824; the first one was in 1853.

This was a sound opening plan then and now. It is like describing an investment opportunity as risky but with strong prospects of success. White invests a pawn to get rapid mobilization of his forces. But where do they go? And to what purpose?

White strikes quickly and decisively at the 4 squares in the center. Can Black castle his King into safety in time? Can he strike back against White's center? No one knows.

Chess events in your area . . . and visit jrobi who created these wonderful videos.