Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Will 7/15/09

Big Labor: This Special Interest's Hold on the Democrats Never Changes

My take on George Will's latest. His column was published in the Washington Post.

Summary: This starts with giving Big Auto to Big Labor but most of the column concerns regulating Federal Express for the benefit of UPS because of union concerns.

How does the Obama administration love organized labor? Let us count the ways it uses power to repay unions for helping to put it in power.

My Views: Everyone should know that whenever Democrats get into power, there's going to be a tilt towards labor unions. While the last few months have been as a big a tilt as at anytime before, the hope that is getting squashed is the hope that Obama would be a different kind of Democrat. Sadly, when it comes to Democrats servicing their party's special interest groups, there is no change in their past behavior and hopes that they will do so get continually squashed.

George Will almost didn't make it as a syndicated columnist. His style was considered too erudite for a general audience.

Whatever one thinks of his views, read his work for use of language and for how he marshals facts and uses logic.

Here's his Wiki bio.

His latest book is at the right.