Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Coulter 7/29/09

Professor Plays the Race Card

My take on Ann Coulter's latest. Her column was published on

Summary: Police answer a break-in call to find out the person was the inhabitant of the home. They ask additional questions and the guy freaks out. They arrest the guy and he yells race (he's black). Because he's a Harvard Professors with connections, this becomes a big story.

Suppose a cop didn't arrest a guy who was ranting and raving -- in his own home -- and, an hour later, the hothead assaults someone. Policeman: I was as surprised as anyone that he shot his girlfriend! Every liberal in the country would demand the cop's head.

And by the way, try screaming at a judge that he's a racist and see what happens. Why should police officers deserve less protection than judges? They're in more danger.

My Views: I think that this is more about the elitist attitudes of the Ivy League than race. Race is just the excuse he used to play victim. If he wasn't black, then he would have yelled something else. Remember the Harvard President, Larry Summers - ejected because of his alleged sexist views - now in the Obama Administration? Same kind of stuff.

Trouble is that instead of providing intelligent "teachable moments" (Obama's phrase for this) we get this. Unfortunately, many people are taking away the opposite things from this then Obama intended.

Anybody who is as hated as Ann Coulter is must be doing something right. She is very right-wing but every left-wing blogger would love to write like her. I hate rants; opinion pieces must argue from the facts. Pay attention to how she uses facts and draws politically incorrect connections among them. People would do well to think and not just be outraged.

Here's her Wiki bio. Her latest book is at the right.