Saturday, March 29, 2008

More on Clinton

I don't want to beat this topic to death but this does seem to be an end of an era. There is a limit to the amount of lies that people are going to stomach - and this is a good thing for our country. Mind you, I'm not talking about political issues here. Lying ought to be bad without regard to whether the pol doing the lying is on your side or not.

The Clinton case is bad because their lying has been so bad and so common. Every day on every topic. I especially hated their "Everybody does it" line during the period of their White House scandals - especially the sex scandals.

Today's essay underscores the point. Was Hillary named for Sir Edmond Hillary as she claimed? Bill even put this whopper in his autobiography. How could this have been? Sir Edmond did not do anything famous (climbing Mt. Everest) until 6 years AFTER HRC was born!

The trouble with this stuff is that the lies just went on and on. Little things, big things - on and on and on.

Picture from Wikipedia article on Hillary Clinton. The Wiki caption reads, "Re-enactment of Hillary Rodham Clinton being sworn in as a United States Senator by Vice President Al Gore in the Old Senate Chamber, as President Clinton and daughter Chelsea look on. January 3, 2001."