Thursday, March 27, 2008

Beauty and the Geek - Season 5

This is still my favorite TV show. Season 5 already! Here I'm still in love with Mindi from Season 1. And Susan Polgar posted just yesterday about Joe Block being a chessplayer from Season 2.

I don't like it that the beauties and the geeks have been so typed on this show. And more, I don't like it that the producers have gone to so many former Playboy Playmates to get their beauties. Part of the charm of Season 1 was that the beauties were the beautiful girls we all wanted to date in school but didn't feel we could ever approach. The Playboy crowd just takes this to celebrity status.

Anyway, I've put a new widget on my right hand column. It is temporary for the duration of the season. I'm putting it permanently here.


Texas Jack said...

Um...typecasting is the foundation of "reality" T.V. And getting Playboy girls on the show doesn't necessarily mean they were actually in the magazine...with Playboy's moves on the web and in video, it would be reasonable to say that 75% of Playboy girls never make it to the regular monthly magazine. Modelling for Playboy doesn't make the girl _look_ any less attractive.