Sunday, May 13, 2007

Science Fiction Books

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My favorite authors are David Webber and Harry Turtledove. For authors of the past, be sure to read Robert A. Heinlein. Isaac Asimov was pretty good, too.

Disclaimer: This gives you a picture of the book and an idea of what it costs. The fact that I will be compensated if you click on the link and buy the book turns this post into a semi-advertisement. I only will link to for books I actually liked.


Steve in TN said...

Try some Jack Williamson. He was awarded the Hugo for his Humanoids series. The recent "I, Robot" movie was more Williamson than Asimov.

Williamson wrote a wide variety within the genre of SciFi/Fantasy. GoldenBlood was written in the mid 1920s and is fairly advanced Fantasy for its time. Darker Than You Think is a nice vampire novel. Of course, Williamson is best known for his Humanoids and Legionnaire trilogies.

Williamson, along with RAH and Asimov, is one of my three favorite SciFi authors.