Sunday, December 31, 2006

Top Story of 2006

Map of Iraq, courtesy of CIA World Factbook

Iraq. It dominated the news. Not in a good way.

The news wasn't very informative. Mostly body count kind of news. Stuff that didn't have directly to do with killing didn't make it.

The biggest question for 2007 remains: what will happen if the terrorists win?


Anonymous said...

Hi once again!

I'm afraid I must take issue again! Please don't get too taken away with the word terrorist. It blinds far too much of our politics and journalism.

An excellent piece.

In reference to Iraq, let us not forget that the "terrorists" are only there as a consequence of the US and British led (and of course illegal) invasion. Bush might have hinted at links between Saddam and Al-Qaeda but that is an absolute fallacy.

Anonymous said...

by the way that the link should end:


Jack Le Moine said...

I'll read the article tomorrow and get back to you on it.

I notice that the Congress has dropped the term, "War on Terror."

What was illegal about the war? A terrible tyrant was overthrown. The people of Iraq were happy with that. Then they voted in the elections in overwhelming numbers.

Was it the war that was so bad - or the subsequent occupation?

Anonymous said...

Certainly it was great to see Saddam overthrown. He was an evil dictator but that should not blind us from the fact that it was us, the west, who propped him up in office for as long as it suited us in the first place. It was we who provided his funding throughout the Iran-Iraq war and who gave him the weapons he used!!

The war however was not conducted on the grounds of a humanitarian intervention, it was a with oil in mind and the lie concerning the deployment of WMDs was fabricated to that end.

It was illegal in that it was not sanctioned by the United Nations. One cannot simply pick and choose when to use the UN charter for the sake of convenience.

The invasion was always going to lead to bloodshed in the subsequent occupation. If only they had taken the time to learn the lessons that history presents to them.