Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My New Blog

This is the first entry in my new blog. I'd like for my friends and family to check in from time to time to see how I'm doing. I'd also like to share my interests. For years, I'd like to be a writer. I did not have the discipline to keep it up. Also, writing is lonely work. One writes something and hope that someday somebody will publish it and then somebody will read what is written. In the meantime . . . .

These posts will be short pieces that get published right away.

I had once published a magazine on the internet. I called it "Our Country Magazine". A ton of work had gone into it. Sadly, I dropped the ISP and the computer with my files on it broke. No back-ups. The only thing that is left of that venture is this blurb I had left with a zine listing.

(Link inactive 1 July 2004)

Our goal is to be the premier journal of news and commentary in the region.

This publication started out in a a small town in Washington State. We now originate from Atlanta, Georgia.

We believe that leaders' public principles are more important than their private machinations. Look elsewhere for the 'inside story'; this is the 'outside story' of our times.

Editorial matter is accepted from the general public. The 'media elite' can write in, too, but beware! This is the unconventional commentary e-zine. Welcome to the revolution!

editor: Jack Le Moine

It was writing on sand.

I was encouraged by Shawn Bakken's blog. He was one of the players on the reality TV show "Beauty and the Geek". Season 1. I became so enthusiastic that I'm afraid that I became over-active in commenting to his posts. I noticed that he used WordPress software on a paid ISP server. Then the server dropped him and his blog disappeared. This sucked.

It was writing on sand - again. (Recently I learned that he had been able to save it - sans comments - hence, the link.)

I stumbled accross Susan Polgar's Chess Blog just a few weeks ago. I became a fan. She used blogger to run her blog. I figure that if someone that busy can do this, then so can I. I do wonder what will happen if blogger just quits. I wish that all of the files could be retrieved and downloaded to my computer. Maybe there's some work around.

In the meantime, this is a relatively easy way to put my voice out there.