Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Mel Gibson's New Movie

Apocolypto is too violent for me. But that's not what got him into hot water. Nor was it his outrageous statements when he was drunk. After all, how many other Hollywood celebrities make outrageous and obscene statements but don't get into any trouble over it? Alec Baldwin once called for the death of Henry Hyde and his entire family on the Tonite Show. It was no biggie. Celine Dion spoke in FAVOR of looting during Hurricane Katrina.

Mel Gibson is in trouble because of The Passion of the Christ. It is reputed to be anti-Jewish. During the McCarthy era there were a lot of films and filmmakers who were reputed to be Communist. If there was something that society should have learned, it is that accusations should be substantiated. The accusations against Gibson's movie were never substantiated. Time to treat him like everybody else.
The picture is from Mel's cameo appearance in the movie.