Sunday, March 6, 2011

Today's Posts - 3/6/11

Took Kathy out to McDonalds this morning. She's working at Sams Club. Will pick her up and go to church tonight.

TV Show I've been watching: Watched Lois and Clark, an oldy Superman series from about 10 years ago.

Book I've been reading: Bob Hope's book about the Presidents he has known (11 of them!)

In today’s blogs,

History Moments: It is 1880, the elections are over and you conservatives have lost again. What next?

Masters of Finance: Napoleon Hill advises to ally with other people. More

Literature Daily: a passage from 1,001 Nights where the genie tells the fisherman that he must kill him because he has set him free.

Political Journal: Obama once derided G.W. Bush's views on democracy in the Middle East; now events are imposing those views on him. More