Saturday, March 19, 2011

Really Bad Cold Today

Really bad cold today. Had to miss state championship. Stayed in bed all day.

TV Show I've been watching: Alfred Hichkock Presents, Season 4. I especially liked the Dick York episode where he got even with a crooked bank official by fake robbing it all the time. That is to say, he did rob it but only the official knew and the official got the blame.

Book I've been reading:

In today’s blogs,

History Moments: A joke about FDR's fireside chats.

Masters of Finance: I give my philosophy about that blog.

Literature Daily: Hail the Conquering Heros! - a passage from Lays of Ancient Rome.

Political Journal: Who are the Libyan rebels? Does anyone know?


2 Tramps said...

Hey, Jack,
Hope you aren't still sick. Maybe just busy with tax season?