Friday, June 5, 2009

Krauthammer 6/5/09

The Israeli Settlements Myth

My take on Charles Krauthammer's latest. His column was published in the Washington Post.

Summary: Obama demanded Israel's settlements on the West Bank stop expanding - at all. This is extreme and it is extreme on many different levels.

Israel is ordered to freeze all settlement activity. As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton imperiously explained the diktat: "a stop to settlements -- not some settlements, not outposts, not natural-growth exceptions."

My Views: Would that the Democrats could be as firm with America's adversaries as they are with America's friends. How about making demands of Iran, for instance - with the same hauter as of Israel?

Charles Krauthammer is a more establishment columnist. He came to punditry by way of psychiatry (at Massachusetts General Hospital) via the New Republic Magazine. He appears on TV where you never see his wheelchair. Here's his Wiki bio.

He wrote a book which is pictured at the right. I am drawn by the substance and the thinking than any particular writing flair.