Friday, May 22, 2009

Krauthammer 5/22/09

Obama's Policies = Bush's

My take on Charles Krauthammer's latest. His column was published in the Washington Post.

Summary: For years, the Democrats have denounced Bush's anti-terror policies as lawless, tyrannical, and foolish. Now Obama is keeping most of those very same policies.

The Bush policies in the war on terror won't have to await vindication by historians. Obama is doing it day by day.

My Views: Okay, so what are these bad Bush policies that are now good because they're now Obama's?

  • Restoration of military tribunals

  • Keeping Guantanamo Prison active but closing it eventually

  • Patriot Act Wiretaps

  • E-mail intercepts

  • Predator drone attacks

  • Iraq withdrawal in 2010 or beyond

  • Afganistan surge

  • Rendition of prisoners

  • State Secrets in court cases

  • Afghanistan's Bagram Prison (same as Gitmo, Guantanamo policy)

Democrats still love to bash Bush but their actions speak louder than their words.

Charles Krauthammer is a more establishment columnist. He came to punditry by way of psychiatry (at Massachusetts General Hospital) via the New Republic Magazine. He appears on TV where you never see his wheelchair. Here's his Wiki bio.

He wrote a book which is pictured at the right. I am drawn by the substance and the thinking than any particular writing flair.