Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Coulter 5/13/09

Liberal Taliban Issues Fatwa Against Miss California

My take on Ann Coulter's latest. Her column was published on

Summary: Miss California is only the latest woman who is being demonized for stating a politically incorrect thought. Where's the freedom for women in a culture that imposes left wing thought with such draconian measures for disobedience? Many of the women most prominent in the old media are hardly "liberated".

From Katie Couric on CBS to Norah O'Donnell on MSNBC, the whole stable of TV anchorettes weirdly have the exact same politics as their liberal masters. It's the ideological burqa women are required to wear to work in the mainstream media. As with a conventional burqa, it enforces conformity and severely restricts the vision.

My Views: Ann Coulter is the Babe Ruth of political punditry. Like that famous baseball player of old, few of his contempories struck out as much as he did. He is famous because when he did hit the ball, the results were spectacular. His home-run record lasted decades.

This is Ann Coulter. Most of her work is crap. But when she connects with an issue, no one can combine language and logic as well as her. This column draws attention to three significant factors of the Miss California/Miss USA story:

  1. The surprise at a beautiful woman expressing an incorrect thought
  2. The over-the-top reaction to that
  3. The comparison to the women held up for role models in our society.

Anybody who is as hated as Ann Coulter is must be doing something right. She is very right-wing but every left-wing blogger would love to write like her. I hate rants; opinion pieces must argue from the facts. Pay attention to how she uses facts and draws politically incorrect connections among them. People would do well to think and not just be outraged.

Here's her Wiki bio. Her latest book is at the right.