Friday, November 28, 2008

Steyn 11/28/08

World Terrorism Drives Local Terrorism

My take on Mark Steyn's latest. His column was published in the Orange County Register

Summary: The attacks in India were ostensibly against Westerners. However, Indian hotels, not Western hotels were attacked. These terror attacks are a part of a larger struggle and until we realize that and treat it realistically, human suffering will be more than it should.

The AP summarized the facts of the India attack.


This isn't law enforcement but an ideological assault – and we're fighting the symptoms not the cause. Islamic imperialists want an Islamic society, not just in Palestine and Kashmir but in the Netherlands and Britain, too. Their chances of getting it will be determined by the ideology's advance among the general Muslim population, and the general Muslim population's demographic advance among everybody else.

My Views: The terror thing is not just a George Bush thing. It never was. In fact, GWB won't even be President anymore. I don't understand why Muslims can demand and get special religeous privilidges while Christians can't. Prayer rooms in the workplace, prayer times, things like that.

So many people seem blind to the dangers that face 21st. century society. Not all Muslims are terrorists but most all terrorists are Muslims. Pretty much. We ought not be anti-Muslim; we should be realistic about what is happening in the world about us.

The very best thing would be for the responsible Muslim leaders to lend a hand and speak out more against the terrorists. Since so very much of world terrorism is from Muslims, the onus is really on them. They're in the best position to do the most good.

Mark Steyn is a syndicated columnist from Canada. Here's his Wiki bio.

His latest book is on the right. This is the book that got several Human Rights Commissions in Canada hot and bothered. With free speech under unprecidented attack, Mark Steyn managed to pull out a badly needed victory. This was the first time a Canadian Human Rights Commission found a defendent innocent.